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Spiritual Practices
God's Project
a free curriculum for churches or campus ministries focussing on young adult vocational discernment
features seven sessions + an introduction     flexible small group format of young adults + adult mentors

Each session contains 4 movements - Everyone Time, Me Time, Small Group Time, Closing Time.

Each session PDF features lists of needed materials, notes for each movement, facilitator reflections, and more.

Ideally you would have a couple of Small Groups participating, and a Facilitator to organize things.

Each Small Group consists of a young adult (late high school through mid-twenties) plus 2-4 adult mentors.

Sessions could be run monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly.  Homework options exist for between sessions.

There is lots of flexibility - feel free to adapt the program to suit your group, or use parts of it for something else.

How does the Discoverment Process work?

- faithfully figuring out the direction our lives should take.

- asks what we should do with my one precious life.

- bringing the gifts of our faith to bear on life's biggest questions.

What is Vocational Discernment?

Who is the Discoverment Process for?

- young adults who are wrestling with big life decisions.

- adults who can accompany others while still practicing a life of discernment.

- churches or ministries seeking to walk with young adults in meaningful ways.

session themes


  1. vocation

  2. god's activity

  3. god's beloved

  4. spiritual gifts

  5. listening for god

  6. making decisions

  7. celebration

What is the aim of the Discoverment Process?

The aim of the Discoverment Process is not to answer every question that a young adult might have.

The aim of the Discoverment Process is to equip people with the tools needed for a lifetime of faithful discernment.